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SealTech Marine products​

We see boat docks and seawalls daily that are screaming for help. Cracks, rust and water introductions. In addition to looking terrible, this blocks of concrete are holding your boat and protecting your house from pouring out into the canal or intracoastal. Instead of temporary fixes, let SealTech fix it permanently! With our 3 step SealTech program and SealTech products, your dock and seawall will be as strong at it was when it was brand new, if not even stronger? Our products prevent water and moisture from penetrating the boat docks and seawalls. Further thwarting cracks and rusted rebars.  


our 3-step method to get your dock back in shape the right way 


SealTech 21 is a ready-for-use viscous paste. This coating has a matt finish. In addition to the white standard colour, SealTech 21 is also available in most common colour ranges. The standard paints can be coloured with the pigments of your choice by means of our Monicolor system. When dry the SealTech 21 forms a continuous, elastic and waterproof but breathable membrane that also functions as a carbonation inhibitor.


SealTech 26 is a viscous paste, ready for use and is available in different colours. As soon as the SealTech 26 has dried, a seamless impenetrable screen is formed. This protects the surface from rust and corrosion. Thanks to its flexibilty, SealTech 26 moves without flaking off or cracking. SealTech 26 withstands ultraviolet rays, chemicals and airborne pollutants.


SealTech 33 is used to decrease moisture infiltration in concrete construction and masonry in concrete stone without modifying the water vapour permeability. By reducing moisture absorption, the materials are not as easily soiled and damage by acid rain is also limited. SealTech 33 is applied on concrete, masonry in concrete stone and silicate stone, on fresh jointing on the basis that these materials are sufficiently porous.

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