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The world's first rolling ultrasound scanner

Our scanner operates in a cloud-based system that provides a 3D visualization.


The customer is left with unique data and insight into their concrete structures.

All data is secured and handled confidentially.


SealTech AS can offer scanning with the world's first rolling ultrasound scanner for NDT (non-destructive testing) of concrete inspection.


Such scanning provides you, the customer, with:

Lower maintenance costs
Fewer and less extensive repairs. Specifically, repair where there are problems
Fewer stops and detours (for bridges and tunnels) due to maintenance work.
Longer lifespan for concrete structures
Detection of problems at an early stage.
Greater safety for workers and the public
Quality assurance of projects at an early stage in the construction process.
Quality assurance of the condition in existing projects
Interval inspection of your infrastructure
Predictive, preventive, and proactive monitoring of projects
Up to 2 meters thickness can be scanned. If the structure is full of reinforcement,

we will be able to scan the entire thickness of the structure.


The scanner easily and accurately reveals the inner condition of concrete structures,

providing immediate and actionable insight.


Some of the projects done with the scanner include:
Inspection of parking garages
Inspection of warehouses
Inspection of dams
Inspection of tunnels
Inspection of offshore platforms


Inspection of dams

Dams are vital assets for agriculture and power production. Elop Insight, with its high-tech capabilities, makes inspection easier for such massive and complex structures. Elop Insight generates valuable data insights that assist in planning and timely maintenance.


Inspection of tunnels

Structures like tunnels will inevitably deteriorate due to environmental or human-made influences. Inspection and timely maintenance are mandatory to provide long-lasting and safe service. Elop Insight makes the inspection of assets efficient, comprehensive, and productive for complex structures like tunnels.

Inspection of bridges

Bridges deteriorate due to structural deficiencies and lack of inspections and maintenance. Elop Insight enables a significantly more efficient and practical way to inspect larger volumes of concrete structures like bridges.

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