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Safe disinfection of rooms and equipment

Avoid infections amongst people and animals using disinfection robots. Our technology is based on research, developed and produced in Norway. A dry mist consisting of Hydrogen peroxide is produced by the robot. The method is used both as prevention and during outbreaks. The dry mist fills the room and removes 99,9999% of all bacteria, viruses and spores from the room and all its surfaces and equipment.


Easy to use

  • Place the machine in the room to be disinfected.

  • Push the button and leave the room.

  • A report is automatically submitted.

Using the robot from Decon-X makes life easier for everybody involved in disinfection work.

Internet of Things - IoT

The process is controlled by sensors that measure the parameters during the disinfection process. This ensures that the disinfection process is carried out with verified and controlled efficiency, while all process-related documentation is generated and submitted to the user of the robot.

The disinfection method from Decon-x is gentle and will not harm furniture or technical equipment. The robot can be used anywhere. Our customers disinfect areas in veterinary clinics, gyms, health institutions, industrial kitchens and in areas for food production. Our solutions are available through sales, lease and by total service delivery.


The automated disinfection method from Decon-X is proven to reduce the risk of infections. It effectively removes bacteria, viruses and spores from the air, surfaces and equipment.

We can stop the Corona virus infection!

New research shows that Hydrogen Peroxide is effective against Corona. The virus can survive on surfaces up to nine days, so it is important to prevent infection by disinfection.

A new research article, published 31 januar 2020 av G. Kampf et al. i Journal of Hospital Infection, shows that Hydrogen Peroxide is effective against Corona (a remedy we use in Decon X for disinfection). Based on a review of 22 previous studies, it is documented that:

  1. Coronavirus can survive on certain surfaces for up to nine days

  2. Hydrogen peroxide effectively kills Coronavirus on surfaces


Touch Screen
Operating the robot is easy. Log in using a personal code at the robot’s touch-screen, make a choice of pre-programmed room and press start.
Automated reports
The technology secures that the process-information is electronically saved and provides an automated report to the user when the disinfection process is completed without deviations.
The disinfection fluid is vaporized through the specially developed nozzle. The dry mist will cover all areas where air flows, and will not harm furniture, textiles or electronics.
Integrated sensor
The process is controlled by sensors that measure the most important parameters during the disinfection process; concentration of hydrogen peroxide, temperature and humidity.
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Wireless connection
IoT – Internet of Things. Our personnel can log on to your robot and help you in your location. Built in communication provides information to the user via phone or computer.dd>
The inbuilt sensors detect if any deviations occur, for example if the ventilation is not shut off or if the room is not sealed off properly. This will be wirelessly reported to the user by SMS or e-mail.
Desinfection fluid
The can containing disinfection fluid is placed inside the robot, and the robot will automatically take in the needed amount of fluid. The dry mist produced will effectively remove bacteria, spores and viruses without damaging the environment.dd>
solid wheels
The disinfection robot is easy to move around because of solid wheels and steady handles. This makes it easy to use the robot in multiple locations. The more often it is used, the better the investment.

«The documentation demonstrates that the product is effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, spores, viruses and fungi.» - Norwegian Medicines Agency

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