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SealTech delivers products that seal your roof, walls - even your pool. By applying SealTech products to your house you are not only avoiding future problems, but our products can also fix existing issues with moisture and water. Contact us now to learn how our products can extend the lifetime of your house.  

SealTech 4



SealTech21 Paint Moist


Mold Remover


Moist Singel


Repair Mortar

SealTech 11


SealTech 2
Mold Remover

SealTech 2 is a ready-to-use liquid. Thanks to its specific tensio-active effect the product deeply penetrates into the base and stimulates the detachment of foreign substances from the material so that cleaning will be effortless. The product also adheres to the capillaries of building materials to such an extent that it produces a self-cleaning effect as it were and is rinsed with each rain event.
SealTech 11​


SealTech 11 is used to remove deposits and lime scale, from glass by polishing the surface. SealTech 11 is a polishing paste made of acid components and specially developed polishing granules.
SealTech 20

Repair Mortar

Repairing concrete, both floors and constructive concrete. A3 component repair mortar. With epoxy resin. Applicable in horizontal layer (unlimited layer thickness). Applicable in vertical layers (of up to approximately 5 cm).
SealTech 21

Paint Moist

SealTech 21 is used for the aesthetic waterproofing and protection of various building materials such as brick, concrete, wood, decorative plasterwork, SealTech 21 is suitable for application in both new building and renovation. SealTech 21 is a ready-for-use viscous paste. This coating has a matt finish. In addition to the white standard colour, SealTech 21 is also available in most common colour ranges. The standard paints can be coloured with the pigments of your choice by means of our Monicolor system. When dry the SealTech 21 forms a continuous, elastic and waterproof but breathable membrane that also functions as a carbonation inhibitor. SealTech 21 bridges small surface cracks and hides aesthetic shortcomings and repairs.
SealTech 4

Salt Blocker 

SealTech 4 is a water-based synthetic resin application. The product reinforces the base and seals the salts already present so that they can no longer absorb moisture from the air. The product is perfect for sealing outdoor pools. 
SealTech 14​

All Cleaner

SealTech 14 is a cleaning product principally for the safe cleaning of natural stone, concrete walls and decorative plaster. It has been formulated to clean in a non-aggressive way making SealTech 14 a very suitable product to be used in the cleaning of historic building and art works. Not only will dirt deposits and soot be removed but also typical weathering characteristics such as plaster incrustation can be cleaned without negatively affecting the natural patina. Exceptional results have been obtained on limestone, sandstone, bluestone, marble, concrete, brick, enamelled stone, and decorative plaster.
SealTech 6​
Moist Single

Stops water infiltration. Protects against frost damage (among others things very important with (post) isolated facades). Does not reduce the water vapor permeability, keeping the wall breathing. Materials are not so easily soiled. Prevents from greying. Reduces damages by acid rains. Protects against salts of sea water or in water diluted de-icing salts. Increases the isolation value of the treated substrate and Is alkali-fast.
SealTech 16

SealTech Special

SealTech16 is a rapidly binding powder which stops leaks and fills up cracks in concrete or masonry, even under water pressure.
House with Pool
SealTech 25

Grafitti Remover

SealTech25 is a newly developed stripper which is particularly suited to remove paint from facades. In contrast to most paint strippers, this product is water-based and completely free of solvents. SealTech 25 is in such a way safe to use that it can be sprayed in the air. The product can also be used inside without any danger. SealTech25 can be used to remove water-based and emulsion paints on brick, natural stone, bluestone, marble, and concrete.  SealTech 25 is a biologic degradable thixotropic liquid that applies perfectly on vertical surfaces. This is why SealTech 25 barely evaporates and its effectiveness on the paint layers is longer, in such a way SealTech 25 is much more efficient and has a lower consumption. The treated paint layers can be easily rinsed off with steam or water under high pressure.
SealTech 33

Concrete Top

Synthetic coating for floors and walls made of concrete or masonry. Can be used in for example: cellars, parking areas, workshops, and indoor use. Two components; Water-based, does not contain harmful or inflammable solvents. Perfect adhesion to dry or slightly damp substrates and is resistant to most chemical products, diluted acids, alkaline, mineral salts, oils and aliphatic solvents. With test certificate: suitable for contact with all kinds of foodstuffs excepting acidic foods (pH < 4,5), including contact at temperatures up to 70°C for up to 2 hours or contact at temperatures up to 100°C for up to 15 minutes.
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