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We offer a range of services in surface treatment

With products from leading European suppliers, SealTech offers durable solutions.

SealTech has the systems and products for the rehabilitation of surfaces and facades.


It is important to address the problems for several reasons:

Concrete that absorbs a lot of water will, over time, crack and lose much of its hardness/structure.

Issues such as frost damage, the emergence of algae, corrosion, and rust

it is far more cost-effective to prevent problems at an early stage

rather than waiting for damage to occur.

Hvit mur med Stairs

Surface treatment

Approximately 35% of building problems are related to moisture.

This issue should not be underestimated;

SealTech is the expert and can offer solutions against rising damp, salt, and damp basements.


Moisture and leaks are more than just an aesthetic issue; they are damaging to the structures of buildings and houses, can increase energy consumption, and even cause health problems. Therefore, it's important to eradicate moisture at the first signs.


SealTech offers solutions against rising damp and also to block the salt that typically migrates with it. For sealing and draining basements, you can also rely on SealTech solutions.

Damage to concrete

Damage to concrete can be caused by many factors, from manufacturing defects to adverse weather conditions. Cracks and fissures, or oxidation of reinforced concrete, can occur.

SealTech offers a range of mineral and epoxy products to protect and repair concrete.


Concrete can be repaired in various ways, depending on the application. Mineral mortars will be used for repairing visible concrete, while epoxy mortars are recommended for concrete floors that support heavy loads.


Facade restoration is a complete craft, an area where SealTech has over 20 years of experience. From cleaning, repairing, and protecting the building.

Industry and infrastructure

Road work, industrial buildings, port work, railways... For these applications, SealTech also has a first-class product range.

In addition to the famous KrampeHarex steel fibers, the injection mortars and curing compounds are a real reference in the market.


For large industrial projects, you can rely on SealTech products. As a distributor of injection mortar, steel fibers, and curing agents, we offer a complete solution for this sector.


And let's not forget the additives and concrete release agents. Therefore, we are proud to present the ATG approval for the steel fibers.

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